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Thursday, March 21, 2013

SimCity (2013)

SimCity in all its 3D glory.

Even though the game, as it is - rough sim feedback and mechanics that don't follow any logical pattern (no excuses) - it IS in full 3D, something any modern game just has to have to be successful. Which is saying something, considering in development terms, that's the pinnacle of computer technology. I mean, we've had 3D environments for at least two decades, but regardless, it's still extremely new and impressive technology. So, while being a steel sword on a battlefield of iron, it's a dull sword. Here are a few examples.

Apartments built on top of each other (due to a terrain glitch)
A LOT of people got this one, where they would often lose the entire city, too.
Okay, this one is nitpicky, but I still think this is a simple problem not to have on a finished product.

Traffic gaps, cars parked on nothing, intersections that funnel cars regardless of being 6 lanes wide, etc.

So while it may be rough now, I'm hopeful for the future. Regardless of who controls the title for the next iteration, if they don't have a single player mode it's highly likely they won't make money. That makes me happy. Gamers like singleplayer. Things to look forward to: better graphics on full 3D; better simulation logic; farms and hopefully a food chain; more emphasis on nature, like terraforming or at least more important trees; singleplayer; gigantic city areas; and more specializations.

I like the new SimCity. I have no idea how they intend to keep paying for all those servers. I'm glad they gave us a free game (good move). For reference, please stick to low density as much as possible - combined with private roads (roads that built to have only1 entrance and exit) and avenue arteries and you can't lose money. You'll just have a constant ridiculous shortage of workers, muhaha!

This = easy money.