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Monday, July 29, 2013


Ive been learning about the different methods in java to control game speed, otherwise calculated as FPS, UPS, or time in milli or nanoseconds between passes through code. These methods are the swing, util, J3D, and custom timers. The problem I see is that they use the computer's clock in combination with the runtime queue, so the time between passes is consistently variable. This happens because of the individual computer's speed. So the obvious solution is to force the program to update at minimum and maximum intervals of time. While I'm researching this, let's just say between 2 and 20 milliseconds per update.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Website Update

So ive been doing a bit with I added a bunch more concept art and the next step will be to add some code to browse left and right through the images. Im still weary about adding more iteration, but im thinking of adding a couple pages explaining some of the concepts in greater detail.

Ive been told that making a game is 95% execution, but I still believe that is an oversimplified idea, and that an established team, capable of execution, could still take someone elses idea without definitive legal consequence.

That being said, their end product would likely be much different than my end product. Still, the idea that I would create competition for myself simply by posting my ideas is going to keep me from doing so.

The alternative is to summarize details to the point where they only vaguely describe the experience someone would expect from playing the game.

Considering this kind of publicity could be left out entirely, I feel like this option of attempting to build a customer base before even having a finished product belittles the time spent working on the product. An aversion at best, a website only diffuses ideas when those ideas have a foundation of real-life support.