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Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Game

It is official. I have successfully achieved what I would consider my first real computer game. Using the SGDA at UTD as a springboard, I got a team together and we made a wonderful real-time strategy computer game about making computer games in 48 hours. It's a glorious piece of thrown together basic mechanics, and even though the game is a little slow to get going, it can actually be quite enjoyable and challenging to play.

Here's a link to the page where the SGDA 2014 Game Jam games can be found:

Our game is called Crunch Time. You can find all 8 team member's names in the credits of the main menu.

Not to be mistaken for the card game or for Game Dev Tycoon. Yes we all knew about the game, and no we didn't really know enough about it to steal anything from it. We just started shouting ideas at each other until we agreed on a few and then tried our best to program and draw them out. We spent an actual 24 hours working on it, from 7pm to 2am the first night, from 12noon to 2am the second day, and from about 11:30am to 6:30pm the final day. Subtract food breaks and delirium and you get about 24... So truthfully you can sleep a lot regardless the deadline. I would argue that sleep is why we were able to keep going at such a furious pace.

The best part was seeing one of our programmers win the game. We didn't think it was possible because we didn't really program in a solid winning criteria. Basically, the game stopped counting time after about $8 billion in earnings.