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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kerbal Space Program AGP Mod

After spending many hours playing Kerbal Space Program, I decided to make my time spent in space more efficient. My family and I always motivated each other with the ambitions of creating anti-gravity, which, even though none of us are scientists, know is more or less impossible. Luckily, it's easy to make science fiction become science simulation in KSP, and so without further ado, here is my Linear Anti-Gravity Pad.

It fits directly onto a 1x1 panel, has a low profile, and currently uses xenon gas and electricity to produce thrust. In this case, the hex arrays pull the attached objects in the direction it is facing. Eventually I'd like to improve on this design with a particle effect, something like a glow proportional to thrust, as well as a sound effect, such as a low-pitched hum or rumble. Other improvements include a better .mu texture (the current one clamps the texture on the underside corner, which helps orient the model, but looks awful), a gimbal version, and an electricity-only version.

On side notes, I like the B9 Aerospace and KW Rocketry mods, but the multi-model subtypes on many of the parts makes B9 unusable (not to mention what seems like a lot of missing parts), and KW works and is quite appealing, but if I'm going to install a ton of parts, I would like to have spaceplane parts too. I would also recommend Chatterer and the Near Future mods.

I would NOT recommend NEAR or FAR, as they really mess up the game. If you don't like the vanilla physics and think "this game is too easy," by all means knock yourself out. Mostly NEAR just knocks me into unrecoverable rolls in atmo and makes it impossible to land spaceplanes. I didn't try FAR but considering it's supposed to be more advanced, I know the outcome already. I think if the designers wanted simulated realistic physics, they would have already made those changes.