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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

DIRT First - Designing the Oracle Class Omni in Space Engineers

I spent a couple hours making this based on an earlier large mining ship design. It features two levels, a clean main level and a spacious sub-level, as well as a safe room and cockpit. The safe room houses an auxiliary control station, medical bay, and an array of batteries. Twenty-four gyroscopes help rotate the ship, Sixty-eight small thrusters and six large thrusters keep the ship moving. The ship come standard with two airlocks with functioning entry and exit buttons.

I'll use the ship's design later for various specializations, such as mining, cargo transport, and gunboat. Right now, it's just a shining example of my design aesthetic.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Are you a leader?

... most likely not. One problem I've run into in my experience is that everyone has a brilliant idea that they want to see become realized, but they have no idea, or the wrong idea, about how to accomplish that goal. If you're going to create a game, especially a big, fancy game, you need a team. That means you have to be a leader, and if you want anything better than garbage for an end product, you have to be a good leader with the ability to effectively communicate, contribute, be personable, and potentially be political. Or, you could simply get some skills, market those skills effectively (by building a great portfolio), get a job with a game development company, and slowly create your game, or game ideas, into undeniably potent productions on the side. Being a leader means taking an awful lot of risk for potentially no or little reward. Being a member means filling a role (who knows, maybe you even enjoy it?!), earning money, and still perhaps following your dreams over a longer time.

Take this quiz: it will tell you if you fit into either a leader or member role.

What role do you fill in the game development community?
Information Technology
Level Designer
Q/A Tester
Creative Director
Game Designer
Web Developer
Sound Designer
I don't make games.

Do you consider yourself organized?
Others help me stay organized.
Others depend on me to stay organized.
I don't think it matters.

Your favorite group is meeting less often, and at bad meeting times. What do you do?
Ask the group leader to change the meeting frequency/time.
Get with the other members and set up unofficial meetings at convenient times.
Leave the group and start your own, with more meetings at better times.
Attend/join a different group's meetings.
Do nothing.

Your annual evaluation is coming up, how do you plan to make the best of it?
Tell them you are the best and you deserve a promotion/raise.
Explain any shortcomings honestly, and inform them that you will continue learning and working hard.
Apologize profusely for mistakes, and show them that you are passionate about becoming better at your job.
Blame the people/events responsible for mistakes, and show them how dependent they are on your work.
Calmly accept your evaluation where it is agreeable, and generally don't make waves.

You're the boss and your friend asks you for a job. You don't necessarily like this person, but they have potential to contribute to the project and some desired skills. What do you do?
Hire them on the spot. If you need to you can always fire them later.
Deny them immediately. You didn't like them then and you won't like them later.
Allow them to apply with other preferred applicants.
Make them complete a series of tests; if they pass, hire them.
Ask them to work for free for a while. If it's going well, the job is theirs.