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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spring 2016 Projects

I finally reached that point where my experience and skill is high enough to warrant having the ability to say "yes I can do that" to almost any game development idea. Unfortunately, I'm also learning that saying something so optimistic can lead to having entirely too much for one person to do in a short period of time. I will work diligently, and I will accomplish my current goals. I will also start saying "no" more than I have ever before.

First and foremost project is Tower Seven. This Windows and Android tower defense game will be my first 100% completed project, and will be on the Google Play store by May if all goes as intended.

Second is Arpeggio, a Windows dungeon adventure game that uses musical notes and chords to overcome enemies and challenges.

Third is Drone Simulator, a Windows game that places the player in control of a drone that must deliver packages within a time limit to earn money for its company.

Fourth is whatever software is required for my programming class - currently it's a number guessing game where the player inputs a range and the computer tries to guess the player's number using a binary search.

Fifth is Drive Forever. This is the problem child. Although the idea is solid - players simply drive a hover car around in a procedurally generated world to their hearts content, earning points for not crashing - it probably won't make it past its current alpha build. I had a blast making it, learned more about Unity3d, and was able to get some experience working on a team.

After that, maybe some cataloging software for a games library that serves as an easy-to-use GUI on top of excel documents; a game design document for a city-building game; a design document for a top-down shooter game that showcases a plethora of fun weapons and crazy destruction; whatever thing I work on for Game Jam...

The list could go on.

tl;dr - I have too many projects at once, and will start saying "no" more.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Theoretical Budget - January 2016

I created a theoretical budget for living back in 2014 using the societal needs categories as the items in the budget. I omitted air, sunlight, and recreation, and I was able to easily catch all of my potential expenses either in the remaining items or in the tax withholding item. Here's what it looks like for 2016:


Water -  $ 57.50 - Household of four halved.

Food - $ 400 - Dining out for half of all meals.

Rent - $ 800 - An average 3 bed 2 bath house halved.


Electricity - $ 107.50 - Household of four halved.

Waste - $ 35 - Trash, recycling, and sewage.

Clothing - $ 50 - The cost of one full outfit.

Entertainment - $ 75 - Games, movies, sports, etc.

Exercise - $ 15 - A gym membership.

Tax Withholding -  $ 67 - Automatic taxes to the government.


Transportation - $ 135 - Insurance, gas, and tolls.

Communication - $ 105 - A cell phone and internet.

Shopping / Trade - $ 40 - This money goes to furnishings and goods.

Healthcare - $ 220 - Healthcare and dental.

Safety / Regulation - $ 15 - For when you get a parking ticket.

Social - $ 20 - When you go out for drinks.

Religion - $ 20 - For the sake of charity.

Education - $ 50 - Send your kids to college.

Creative Arts - $ 25 - A hobby or just craft supplies.

Risk - $ 25 - Do you feel lucky?

Total (Monthly)
$ 2,262

$ 27,144

In summary, rent and food prices have risen predictably, and transportation costs have gone down slightly with gas prices. Communications and clothing have increased to represent their importance. This budget is my defining line between the lower and middle class. It also may not be entirely accurate. For instance, many people pay much more for insurance or education.