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Friday, November 4, 2016


I've been working on a game currently called Panopticon, which is about a guy in a special prison. This prison works primarily through surveillance, and only punishes the player for smoking. It's a simply 2.5d platform game, but there's good narrative and environmental appeal. It's also my first game in Unreal 4, and I'm slowly making friends with the blueprint system.

Fortunately, I haven't done too many job applications yet - I'm not burnt out. I really want to be good enough at my work that people recommend me, so if I do apply for a job, I can at least get an interview. If I burn myself out just doing job applications, I feel sorry for my first employer.

Also, my work in the foreseeable future seems to be mostly virtual-reality-related. When I was much younger, this was my dream job - inventing the ultimate virtual-reality system and games. I still want to do this, but I also feel that my education hasn't been directed towards being on the leading edge of that technology. At this point, and despite my reservations, I am grateful to have gone back to school to really build skills in programming, design, and using game engines to make experiences.