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Sunday, July 23, 2017

AVIT and T7 Milestones

Hand-painted by Jordan Black

My artist for A Village in Time, Lance, has completed 95% of the card art, and the game is now in its beta form. Soon the proofs will arrive and I'll be able to playtest at Animefest in August! Exciting! If I time it correctly, I might even be able to sell a few copies. So that is monumental progress. Once Lance is back from his Summer gig, I'm hoping he'll be excited enough to continue.

Box art coming soon!
I'm also at the point with Tower Seven where I'm getting close to an alpha build, which is insane because I have reworked the entire game in a little less than three months. I have a Steamworks account, which is awesome because they've outlined the whole process for me, and I will spend the next few months going down the checklist to publish the game on Steam.